Friday, May 27, 2011

big island boud

A head clearing experience occurred on a solo mission to the Big Island which is not so secretly my favorite island.  One of the many perks of working for the inflight magazine, innov8, on go! Mokulele airlines means island hopping.

With lava rocks stretching from the road to the ocean (miles away) you get a sense of how powerful an active volcano really is.  Then you go from porous lava rocks to fields of green.
And roads that you need to down shift for.
Then with long stretches of road between towns you get a true sense of solitude.
And you begin to be amazed that there are snow covered roads and mountain tops,
and black sandy beaches, and then mai tai colored sunsets all in one beautiful place.

Does life get better than this?

Many thanks to go! and Nella Media Group.  More photos to come.

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GvN said...

Super interesting photos!